Kajabi Pricing & Plans 2021: Is it Worth it?

Kajabi pricing review

Well, since you already know Kajabi, I am sure you’re well aware that Kajabi is a premium online course hosting platform. Kajabi Pricing is not the cheapest by any means, but it could very well be cost-effective considering all the other essential add-ons such as email marketing, landing pages, website builder, funnels, webinars, and automation. 

Now, the big question is, is it worth it? Is it the most cost-effective tool out there? Or are there other alternatives that are better priced and just as powerful? 

In this post, I am going to look at Kajabi pricing in-depth, so you don’t have to wonder if it’s worth it or not. And if it is worth it, which plan will best be suited for your project. Lastly, I will tell you the best alternatives to consider if you feel Kajabi isn’t quite right for you. 

So, without any further due, let’s jump right in. 

What is Kajabi?

Allow me to get this out of the way so we can both be on the same page. 

Kajabi is primarily an online course hosting platform. That’s what it does best and that’s what it’s known for. However, Kajabi’s strength lies well beyond being an in-house course machine. 

Also, Kajabi allows you to create and run marketing campaigns. Design a full-fledged website or set up a simple landing page. Schedule events such as webinars and coaching sessions. Create advanced funnels that connect all your marketing and sales activities. And lastly, automate the entire process using their automation features. 

Simply put, Kajabi is a single home for all your course creation, marketing, and sales campaigns. 

Kajabi Pricing – All the Plans Available

Kajabi pricing features a “no-frills” kind of pricing structure. There are three Kajabi plans available: 

  • Kajabi Basic – $149 per month
  • Kajabi Growth – $199 per month
  • Kajabi Pro – $399 per month

Kajabi advertises their annual plans that allow you to save 20% on each plan with the annual billing. 

Kajabi pricing plans

20% may not seem like much, but for a pricey tool like Kajabi, it adds up rather quickly. For example, with their Basic Plan, you would save $360 each year, while with their Pro Plan you would save $960 each year. 

Annual billing? It’s a no-brainer, that is if you’ll use the tool longer.

Lastly, each Kajabi plan comes with a Free 14-Day Kajabi trial that allows you to take it on a test drive before voting with your pocket. 

Not so lastly:

One thing I love about Kajabi is its compact pricing structure. By that I mean, there are few differences in terms of features amongst all their plans. The only difference comes down to how much you get within each future. 

Here is what I mean: 

All their plans include almost every future they have to offer such as online courses, emails, websites, funnels, etc. However, you have an upper limit with each plan, like the number of courses you can create, websites, funnels, and email contact lists, etc. 

Kajabi Basic Plan: Pricing & Features

At $150 per month (or $120/month billed annually), Kajabi Basic is the cheapest plan Kajabi has to offer. 

Although the plan is not starved essential features, it still leaves a lot to be desired. 

Kajabi Basic Plan

Course Products 

Kajabi Basic allows you to create up to 3 products, which means online courses. It’s not too bad, but not too good either. For starters, it may be okay, but you will outgrow it before you know it. 

And here is what I mean: 

Kajabi offers different types of Course blueprints. You have a blueprint/template for your premium courses. But, you also have drip courses, mini-courses, coaching sessions, membership programs, and community. And adding any of this counts as adding a product. 

First, you add your flagship course. Next, you will have to add a community so you can interact with your students. And next, you may wish to create a mini-course to use as a lead magnet – and…you’ve reached your limit. And that’s not saying anything about creating drip courses, which are a must for evergreen content or membership courses for subscription-based content. 

And that, as you can imagine, leaves a lot to be desired. 


By pipelines, Kajabi means funnels. Like products, you can only create up to 3 pipelines with Kajabi’s basic plan. 

Pipelines allow you to connect and automate your course content, marketing, and sales together. The more courses and marketing channels you have, the more pipelines you will need to track, measure, and manage each marketing effort.

On one end, you can have a freebie pipeline, where you give away a lead magnet in exchange for an email address. Another one may be a webinar pipeline, where visitors signup for your free webinar so you can remarket to them later. 

And there a plenty more, but in short, Kajabi Basic plan is not too generous with product and pipeline limit. It could be better. 

Emails and Contact List

Kajabi Basic is very generous when it comes to email marketing. You can send unlimited email campaigns to your contact. And you can also have up to 10 000 contacts on your list. Not too bad. 

Another thing, 10 000 limit doesn’t include unsubscribed contacts (looking at you MailChimp…). 

So, all in all, I honestly think Kajabi basic does okay here, unless of course, if you have more than 10 000 contacts, which in that case, you have to consider their next tier plan. 

Landing Pages and Websites

I like the fact that you can create unlimited pages with their Basic plan – that’s also generous! And honestly, one website usually does the trick in many cases. 

Unlimited pages include creating standalone pages such as sales pages, signup pages, event pages, and any other page you may need. Whereas a website includes all essential pages for an online course such as a library page, login page, homepage, store page, and also blog page. 

So, this shouldn’t ever have to be a problem if you choose a Basic plan. 

Additional features

Now, let’s wrap up with some yikes and yays of other features. 

No transaction fees – definitely a plus. Now just to be clear, you’ll still get charged payment processing fees by PayPal or Stripe, depending on which one you use. 

With the basic plan, you can only have one admin user, which I think it’s a bummer; at least two would make a world of difference. 

One comment about automation. Kajabi basic comes with basic automation features. For more advanced automation, you have to consider their growth plan. 

Lastly on the list, Kajabi support and help. 

Many customers on review sites like G2Crowd have spoken well of Kajabi’s excellent customer support. Here is what one had to say: 

Love that customer support is always available. If I forget that I started a chat (I’m a multitasker) they will email me to make sure I get my questions answered.

In addition to chat support, their help center is full of helpful video tutorials on almost every topic. If you like the good old email, you can reach out at support@kajabi.com

But, it’s not always peaches and creams, more so for their basic plan. Why? Although they have chat support, unlike other plans, it’s not 24/7, but between 6 AM – 5 PM Pacific Time. 

 Also, Kajabi does not offer phone support for any of their plans. I can only hope this is on the cards soon. 

Kajabi Basic Plan: Is it for me?

Kajabi Basic, unlike other high tiered plans, is pretty starved in terms of what you can do within each future. For example, I think it’s absurd for only being able to create up 3 products for paying a cool $150/month. They could be a little more generous. 

However, if you’re only looking to create a single course with no plans to create other types of courses such as mini-courses to offer as a free lead magnet, or drip-courses for evergreen selling content, or even a community for your students – then you could do okay with Kajabi Basic.

But if not, learn more about Kajabi Growth Plan, and see why it may be a better option for you. 

Kajabi Growth Plan: Pricing & Features

Kajabi Growth plan is the most popular, and arguably, the most cost-effective plan. And it’s kinda easy to see why someone would rather choose Kajabi Growth over Kajabi Basic. 

Kajabi Growth Plan

For starters, Kajabi Growth plan starts at $200/month (or $149/month billed annually). Compared with the Kajabi Basic, that’s 1.3X more expensive – not too bad, but it gets better. For paying 1.3X more, you get the following: 

  • 5X more course products, meaning you can create up to 15 different courses. 
  • 5X more pipelines, same with course products.
  • 2.5X more email contacts count. 
  • 10X more active members, which frankly is way too much. Only a few will ever need that much. 
  • 10X more admin users compared to only 1 for Kajabi Basic. 

And that’s not to mention 24/7 chat support, advanced automation, the ability to remove Kajabi branding, and also host affiliate programs. 

As I said, Kajabi’s pricing plans have pretty much the same features, but the only difference comes down to how much you get within each future.

Kajabi Growth comes with:

  • 15 products and pipelines which is plenty to allow you to create multiple courses and also funnels for each of them. 
  • Similar to Kajabi Basic, with Kajabi Growth you also get unlimited landing pages and email marketing campaigns. 
  • And also similar is that you can build only one website, which as I said, you really do not need multiple websites, but in case you do, Kajabi Pro allows up to 3 websites. 
  • 25 000 contacts. This is one thing I wish it was a lot more, like 5X more than Kajabi Basic but instead it’s only 2.5X more. 
  • Up to 10 admins, which is plenty, likely more than you’ll ever need unless you’re one heck of a delegator. 

Now, let’s take a look at some of the features that are only unique to Kajabi Growth Plan.

Advanced Automation

When it comes to automation and sequencing, Kajabi absolutely crushes it. They have a laundry list of automation rules located within each section. When you open it, it looks something like this: 

Kajabi automations

Basic automation is good, but advanced automation is money. 

For example, with basic automation, you can select rules that trigger a particular action. But, you still kinda limited to how well you can refine your triggering condition. 

For a more in-depth look at automation and other features, check out Kajabi review and tutorial to learn more. 

Kajabi Branding

This is not worth much, but at least it’s worth mentioning nonetheless. Kajabi Growth allows you to remove Powered by Kajabi at the bottom of your website and landing pages footer. It looks something like this: 

Powered by Kajabi branding

Personally, I wouldn’t be bothered by that. But if you’re not like me, then it may be worth knowing that you can only remove it while on Kajabi Growth or Pro

Sidenote: The branding functions as a partner link. If a visitor clicks and signs up with Kajabi, you’ll receive credit for it. Not too bad. 

Affiliate Program

Kajabi affiliate program allows you to partner with others to promote your course on your behalf, and you pay them commissions. It’s a great way to maximize earnings. 

The affiliate program within Kajabi allows you to set up, track, and manage an affiliate marketing system. The system does the heavy lifting for you. You don’t have to worry about link tracking & sharing, earning calculations & payouts, and detailed reporting – all that can be done automatically. 

24/7 chat support

Unlike Kajabi Basic, Kajabi Growth comes with 24/7 live chat support. However, for billing related questions, you’ll have to reach out between 7:30 AM – 6:00 PM Pacific Time. Again, no phone support with any of Kajabi’s plans. 

Kajabi Growth Plan: Is it for me?

Kajabi Growth offers a well-balanced alternative between Kajabi Basic – which is restrictive – and Kajabi Pro – which is pricey. 

It’s no wonder it’s the most popular Kajabi plan. With 15 products and pipelines, you can create a wide variety of course types without worrying about reaching a limit. With their annual billing, you can save $600/year. 

Kajabi Pro Plan: Pricing & Features

Next up, Kajabi Pro Plan. Starts at $399 per month (or $319/month with annual billing). 

Kajabi Pro Plan

One thing is for sure, Kajabi Pro costs a pretty penny. So, unless it’s absolutely worth it, there would be no justification for considering it. 

Like other Kajabi plans, Kajabi Pro comes packed with all the essential features, but with a higher limit count on each plan. How high, you ask?

Let’s do some simple math: 

Kajabi Pro costs exactly 2X more than Kajabi Growth. Now the big question is, how much value do you get in return? Let’s see:

  • 7X more course products. 
  • 7X more pipelines, same with course products.
  • 4X more email contacts count. 
  • 2X more active members.
  • 2.5X more admin users compared to only 1 for Kajabi Basic. 
  • And lastly, you get three websites as opposed to only one with Kajabi Growth. 

In short, yes Kajabi costs more with each plan (duh, like it’s obvious), but you can also do more with each higher plan. In other words, the higher the plan, the cheaper Kajabi gets. 

Here is a nice and short table to help with the comparison of both Kajabi Growth and Kajabi Pro against Kajabi Basic. 

FeaturesKajabi BasicKajabi GrowthKajabi Pro
Course Products35X33X
Contacts10 0002.5X10X
Active Members1 00010X20X
Admin Users110X25X
Landing PagesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Marketing EmailsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited

The higher the tiered plan, the more you can milk out of each future. 

Kajabi Pro Plan: Is it for me?

Ideally, Kajabi Pro is not for starters, but rather, for power users that have been in the online course selling game for a long time. 

Even if you’re planning to sell dozens of courses in the near future, I wouldn’t recommend Kajabi Pro right off the bat, but something more budget-friendly yet offers opportunities for a quick expansion – Kajabi Growth is a perfect balance between budget and growth potential. 

But, if you’re a power user with dozens of courses, thousands on your email list, plenty of support staff, and an army of hungry students, then Kajabi Pro may be for you. 

Sidenote: If you’re migrating from another platform, Kajabi does not support existing content import. So that means you may have to load everything manually, which is always a pain.

Kajabi Alternatives

Kajabi is an online course hosting and in-house marketing machine, no doubt. But sometimes, you may realize far into the decision making progress that it may not be for you. If that is the case, here are five Kajabi alternatives that be work better for you.

1. Thinkific – Best overall online course platform

Basic Plan starts $49/month. Free Plan is available. 

Thinkific is another popular online course hosting platform. Its a lot more specialized than Kajabi, and therefore does not have some of the advanced marketing features that Kajabi offers. 

Thinkific: Kajabi alternative

However, with Thinkific being laser focus on online course creation has allowed it to maintain an edge over Kajabi with some advanced course creation features such as:

  • Ability to import existing content
  • Randomized quiz questions bank
  • Make video completion a requirement, and thus avoid skipping
  • Ability for students to resume learning where they left off across multiple devices
  • And many more…

Best part? Thinkific has a generous free plan. You can also get started with their one month free trial of their Pro Plan. 

2. Teachable – Best for Creators and Artists

Basic Plan starts $29/month. 14-Day trial is available. 

Teachable is one of the cheapest, and friendliest, online course creation tools and online learning platform. Whether you have a course to sell or looking to buy a course, Teachable has got the tools and experience to help you out. 

Teachable - Kajabi alternative

Over 100 000 creators have sold over $500 million in courses and coaching on Teachable platform. If you’re also a creator or Artist looking to cash out your skills, I doubt there is a better and more cost-effective platform than Teachable. 

You can try it today and sign up for a free 14-Day trial. 

3. LearnWords – Best for schools and corporate training

Starter Plan starts at $29/month. 30-Day Free Trial available.

LearnWorlds is another online course creation platform based out in the UK. The platform is not only affordable but features a laundry list of course creation tools geared to serve a wide range of power users. 

Learnworlds - Kajabi alternative

One of their best features is their highly intuitive page builder and advanced video features such as the ability to add call-to-action, something I haven’t seen with any other platform. I

If you’re looking for a platform to serve your school or training to your employees, then LearnWorld would be 1. A budget-friendly, 2. Feature-rich solution to best serve your needs. 

For a full 30 Days, you can try out LearnWorlds for Free. No credit card required.

Kajabi Pricing: Bottom Line

Kajabi is a premium tool, both in price and features. Yes it’s a jack of all trades kind of tool, but I have found them to be good at most. They make creating online course such a breeze, but that’s not where they leave you hanging. 

After creating a perfect course, Kajabi helps you to build a fully-fleged websites, a wide variety of landing pages, create marketing campaigns, schedule webinars and connect and automate all these activities using Kajabi pipelines. 

If you’re an entrepreneur, marketer, coach, or influencer, then I recommend Kajabi. But if you’re an educator, Thinkific would work better. However, if you’re a DIY content creator Teachable offers a better and easier platform. 

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